Sample Eldritch Realms spell: Sending the Library Angel

This is a spell I recently wrote for Eldritch Realms. It’s a prime example of what we mean when we say the magic system is based on period folklore. Let’s jump into the spell and then I’ll explain some of the design decisions behind it.

Sending the Library Angel

Summary: A spirit delivers a short passage from a book to a person you designate.

Science & Degree: Theurgy, third Degree

Prerequisites: The message must be a short passage of pre-existing writing, as from a book or pamphlet. At least seven copies of the text must exist in the world, and the wizard must have one of them.

Aspects: Spirit Magic

Fate Point cost: Always

Preparation: Obtain an Occult Token for the recipient of the message.

Casting: No roll is required to cast the spell, but Scholarship: Overcome may be required to find an appropriate passage from a book.

Effect: When the wizard discovers this spell, she binds an airy spirit called a library angel into a seal, bottle, or other container. She can then command the spirit to deliver a message by exactly reciting a short passage of written text, up to about 25 words, to a person or location within sight, or to whom she has an Occult Token. The range of the spell is unlimited.

Extras: There is a certain type of airy spirit that is intellectual and curious about books. They can often can be found in libraries, flipping through the pages of open books as they read the knowledge within.

All library angels have the power to read and speak any language, but they cannot translate from one language to another. From time to time, they assist mortals if they want to. When a library angel overhears researchers discussing what they are looking for, it can help by nudging the right book so it sticks out a bit on the shelf. It can even go so far as to push a book off the shelf and make it fall open at the exact passage that is most useful.

Each of them has Superb (+5) mastery of one branch very narrow and obscure branch of knowledge, such as “Anglo-Saxon Nobles of Lincolnshire” or “Habits of Yorkshire Werewolves.” You or your fellow players can use a Fate Point to create a story detail to have the angel just happen to have an expertise that overlaps with whatever you need to know.

Termination: After the message is delivered, the spirit returns to the wizard but does not bring a reply or report on success or failure.

Roleplaying Notes: You, the player, don’t have to find an exact text you want your character to send! Just summarize what the message should say, and perhaps describe the source. The GM might call for a Scholarship: Overcome roll to have your character know of a passage that fits the occasion. If you succeed at a cost, the recipient may misinterpret what your wizard meant by that quotation!

If you do want to use a quote from a period source, coming up with the perfect line from Shakespeare or Marlowe can add a lot of atmosphere to the scene, and is often well worth a Fate Point award. Please be sure not distract from the game by searching for one while you should be paying attention to the story. Also, don’t worry too much about the publication date: it’s more important to come up with a quotation that is dramatic or funny than to fret over whether it had been published yet.

Characters in Eldritch Britain are much inclined to use passages from holy books (the Bible, Talmud, or Quran) because, if the recipient is a co-religionist of the caster, they’ll know the quote’s context —probably. Other widely-read religious books include the English Book of Common Prayer and works by Saint Augustine or Thomas Aquinas. Scholarly characters might prefer Plato, Homer, or Ovid. The library angel isn’t picky about what text the message comes from: a bawdy line from The Canterbury Tales or a headline from a pamphlet (the tabloid newspapers of the day) will serve just as well.

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Shewstone Publishing is Now on LinkedIn!

This is just a quick note to say I’ve created a company page for Shewstone Publishing LLC on LinkedIn.

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About The Name “Eldritch Realms”

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
 By any other name would smell as sweet.

--William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II

Eldritch Realms is the roleplaying game of authentic Renaissance magic, currently in development.

That name started as a working title in the summer of 2016 and it has grown on us ever since. I realize that people who encounter it for the first time might jump to the wrong conclusion about what it means, so it seems to be worthwhile to take a moment to explain why we’ve come to like the name so much, and what it says about the game.

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