Shewstone Publishing at Gen Con 2018

We're here at Gen Con 2018 and I wanted to remind everyone of our events.

Today, Thursday, August 2, we are giving a seminar Beyond Battles: Overlooked History for Worldbuilders (SEM1812618) at 3 pm in Lucas Oil Meeting Room 3. Tickets are still available.

Today and Sunday I will be running Magonomia for the first convention games this side of the Atlantic. Both those games are sold out. I am eager to try out our game with some new friends and see what they think!

Shewstone Publishing Events at Gen Con 2018

Shewstone Publishing will be hosting three events at Gen Con 2018.

We'll host one seminar: Beyond Battles: Overlooked History for World-Builders (SEM18126818) and two "sneak preview" sessions of Magonomia™ : Queen Elizabeth's Astrologer is Missing! (RPG18132553 and RPG18126814).

We're greatly looking forward to meeting some fans and trying Magonomia with new gamers. And this trip won't be all work for us -- we'll be playing a fair few games ourselves over the weekend, and enjoying the warm hospitality of the city of Indianapolis, which genuinely seems to like getting invaded by a horde of 60,000 gamers every summer!

We hope to see you there!


Website update (RSS users, action required)

Shewstone Publishing has migrated our website to Squarespace. This will provide a more modern user experience and better mobile and social media integration.

About the only thing that won't transition smoothly is our RSS feed. If you're an RSS subscriber, please delete your old feed and subscribe to the new one. There is an RSS button at the bottom of the page.

Eldritch Realms is now known as Magonomia!

Splendor Solis 02 philosopher with flask

After consultation with our trademark attorney, I've decided it would be best to rename the game formerly known as Eldritch Realms to a more distinctive and original title. Our roleplaying game of Renaissance wizardry is now known as Magonomia! The name is a portmanteau of the Greek words magia ("magic") and nomos ("laws" or "principles"). Renaissance magic was concerned with discovering the secret laws of the universe. Historical magicians generally referred to those laws simply as "occult philosophy," but for our game, we've created a fictional name for that mystical goal. Wizards in our fictional setting pursue the Magonomia! Part of the reason for the name change is that "Eldritch Realms" is a concept already in use by a roleplaying game called Omnifray. It's not part of the title, but apparently the Eldritch Realms are a central concept in Omnifray's magic system. I want to be courteous to my fellow publishers so it's best I don't appropriate an important term from another game.

Another part of the reason for the name change is that we needed something cool to call "occult philosophy" and magonomia fits the bill!