Magonomia Starter Rules are now Available on DriveThruRPG!

Art and layout for the Magonomia Starter Rules is complete, and the rule book is available for pay-what-you-want on The Starter Rules is a playable introduction to Magonomia that comes with pregenerated characters and all the rules, spells, and opponents you need to play several sessions of adventure as a Renaissance wizard in Enchanted England.

Magonomia is the roleplaying game of Renaissance wizardry, where you play a wizard in a fantasy version of England based on authentic sixteenth-century folklore.

Magonomia is build on the Fate Core System engine. We wanted the Starter Rules to stand alone, so they contain all the basic Fate rules you need, along with tutorial examples. The Starter Rules are therefore quite a bit bigger than most RPG “quick start” demos: they’re a hefty 164-page book!

Our layout designer and art director, Rick Hershey, has done an outstanding job on a low budget using stock art. Check out the page previews!

You can download the Magonomia Starter Rules today to see for yourself.

The Starter Rules do not include an introductory adventure. We have one in the works: Curse of the One-Eyed Witch by John Tibbetts. That adventure is in final edit now. Art and layout will take a couple of weeks and then we’ll offer that for pay-what-you-want as well.

Text-only Starter Rules Released

The Magonomia Starter Rules are still getting the professional treatment from our layout designer: trade dress, formatting, and stock art. That’s a bit behind schedule so we’ve published a very plain, text-only version on

Consider this a “sneak preview” release. I’ll make a bigger announcement, on social media and our product release mailing list, when the professional version is ready for download.

Playtest & Product Update April 2019

Development of Magonomia, the roleplaying game of Renaissance wizardry, is coming together. Here’s an overview of progress:

  • The Starter Rules product has gone to layout. Release will be delayed to the second half of May. (Originally I had aimed for late March/early April)

  • Feedback from the Magonomia Beta playtest is strongly positive. We have made one moderately big rule change in response to playtester feedback, and several minor changes (as we expected).

Read on for details.

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