Positive press for Magonomia!

We’ve had a couple of independent reviews of the Magonomia Starter Rules.

"if you love playing wizards that are not grossly  worldshaking and all-powerful, or ... limited  by spell slots, you should definitely give this game a look." DeathByMage

"Add wizards to the politics and magic to the exploration and discovery and you simply have a recipe for wonder." John Sharp, More Than Just Gaming

Also check out or community reviews on Tabletop Gaming News and DriveThruRPG.com.

Playtest & Product Update April 2019

Development of Magonomia, the roleplaying game of Renaissance wizardry, is coming together. Here’s an overview of progress:

  • The Starter Rules product has gone to layout. Release will be delayed to the second half of May. (Originally I had aimed for late March/early April)

  • Feedback from the Magonomia Beta playtest is strongly positive. We have made one moderately big rule change in response to playtester feedback, and several minor changes (as we expected).

Read on for details.

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