About Shewstone Publishing

Shewstone Publishing is a publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, fiction, and nonfiction about history, folklore, mythology, and related subjects. We were founded in 2016 by a freelance author who wanted to help other authors bring their work to the global digital audience.

The name “shewstone” is an archaic word for a crystal ball.

Writing for Shewstone Publishing

Shewstone Publising offers a middle ground between traditional publishers, who take a large share of money and control, and self-publishing, which requires the author to do all the work a publisher normally does.

Our role is to provide editorial and project management expertise to bring a book or game from first draft to finished product. We take care of editing, layout, commissioning illustrations, hiring a printer (for print books), and running a crowdfunding campaign if necessary.

Here is the deal we offer:

  1. Authors get to retain creative control of their work.
  2. Authors get a fair share of the profits. We offer very attractive royalty rates compared to traditional publishers.
  3. We believe candid, professional feedback brings out an author’s best work.

If you do not like receiving constructive feedback and revising your manuscript, please do not approach us to publish your work.