Magonomia Launch Plans

Magonomia is alive and well! Our first attempt at a Kickstarter campaign (August 2019) was not on track, so I decided to cancel that campaign, re-plan the project, and re-launch in early 2020 with better publicity and a clearer definition of what will (and won’t) be in the core rule book.

The new project will be called Magonomia Core Rules and it will launch in early 2020. The core book will be a complete, stand-alone RPG. It will introduce the Enchanted England setting but it won’t be able to go into great depth. That depth of setting will have to wait for a future supplement.

The work between now and the end of the year is fit the big manuscript we have into the page count of a single book. Everything that doesn’t make the cut can be saved for a future supplement.

Edit: Due to Kickstarter’s announcement on Sept. 28, 2019 that they are an anti-union company, I have decided not to use Kickstarter as a funding platform for Shewstone Publishing products. Magonomia will still be finished and published, but it won’t be on Kickstarter unless Kickstarter reverses its anti-union position.