This week's Magonomia poll: Witchcraft archetypes

For our final poll on what character archetypes people want to see in the limited space of the core book, we have the perfect Science as Halloween approaches: witchcraft! Cast your vote for your favorite Witchcraft archetypes today through next Sunday, Oct. 26. (You’ll have to register at the Shewstone Forum to vote; this is to keep away the spammers, not to track you.)

The Magic Circle  by John William Waterhouse, 1886

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886

Actual play video of Magonomia: A Night in the Graveyard

With Halloween approaching, we have a spooky new actual play video of Magnomonia! This is a complete play session of our sporadic weekend game, which grew out of our internal playtests. Four of our wizards venture into a graveyard in search of a missing person. We realize the audio isn’t perfect and we have ideas for how to get it better next time. Notice how the GM makes a simple plot and we, the players, embellish it with our crackpot ideas! Enjoy!