Magonomia® is the tabletop roleplaying game of Renaissance wizardry. The player characters are wizards whose magic is based on authentic sixteenth century folklore. Together, they explore mysteries in a world steeped in invisible spirits, enigmatic faeries, and ancient secrets.

What destiny do your stars foretell?

Cover illustration for Magonomia by Claudio Pozas.

Cover illustration for Magonomia by Claudio Pozas.

The Mysteries of Magic

Your wizard will wield one of the noble Sciences of magic: alchemy, astrology, theurgy, sorcery, or witchcraft. Their spells enable wondrous feats such as invisibility, flight, even forecasting the future. Innovative divination rules mean magic can always advance the story, but never spoils the mystery.

We have built a rich magic system with rules for conjuring spirits, constructing magical amulets, and even creating permanent magical effects through elaborate Grand Rituals. There are over 100 unique spells.

The greatest mystery is magic itself: it is a secret that cannot be told, but must be revealed through mystical experiences. Your wizard’s story will include a personal quest to discover more and more of the secret, magical laws of the universe — the Magonomia®!

An Age of Wonder and Adventure

Magonomia® is set in a version of Elizabethan England that has the fantastic elements of Renaissance tales. You might meet the elemental spirits of Shakespeare's The Tempest, the faeries of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the witches of MacBeth. Werewolves prowl the Yorkshire moors. Ghosts haunt the alleys of London. A host of invisible spirits swarm through the world and can be commanded by those who know their secret names. Enchanted England is a place of wonder and peril, a world ripe for adventure!

You can instead seek adventure in the mortal world, matching the deeds of real-world adventurers such as Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh, or joining Sir Francis Walsingham’s secret service to uncover sinister plots against the Queen. You can leave history in the background and create your own story out of whole cloth. The choice is yours!

Powered by Fate

Magonomia® is powered by the award-winning Fate™ Core System engine. It is a lightweight but endlessly flexible rules engine that encourages creative thinking and narrative. Without tampering with the well-proven Fate™ mechanics, we have developed a deep and rich magic system that makes full use of the “Fate Fractal.” All the rules you need from the Fate™ Core System are included in the Magonomia® rule book.

Try the Starter Rules

As a sample of the content and quality of Magonomia®, Shewstone Publishing is offering a fully playable, 164-page Starter Rules book and an intro adventure for pay-what-you want on

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