Poll of the week: Sorcery Archetypes

I’ve decided to ask the fan base — small as it is, but growing! — about what content should get priority for the limited space in the core book. We’ve started weekly polls over at the Shewstone Publishing official forum. This week’s poll: what three Sorcery archetypes would you most like to see in the core rules?

Sorcery is the Science of conjuring spirits. Some say all sorcery is black magic, but others claim it’s possible to practice sorcery without resorting to summoning demons. There are even those who say summoning demons should not be a problem, as long as the sorcerer remains in control. Sorcery is the “edgiest” of the Sciences, strong in attacks, cursing, and dramatic effects. It’s also the least subtle Science and the easiest to defend against.

Join us on the forum to cast your vote for your favorite Sorcery archetypes! There is also one day left to vote in last week’s poll about Alchemist archetypes.